Civil and Architectural Engineering Professions Department

The Department of Engineering Professions is the cornerstone of Palestine Polytechnic University and boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors. The department has continuously developed its programs to keep up with the rapid changes in the local and global markets. Its primary goal is to produce skilled graduates capable of meeting the community's shortage of technical professionals and contributing to a positive change in human and material resources.

The department focuses on fostering initiative, creativity, and self-reliance among its graduates to help them integrate into public and private institutions, companies, and engineering offices, as well as establish their own technical works and workshops in their areas of expertise.

To strengthen its ties with the local community, the department organizes technical courses and workshops in various fields, encouraging students to seek solutions to technical problems that the local market faces. This has earned the department an excellent reputation and opened up new job prospects for its graduates.

The department is currently conducting a comprehensive study to develop new programs such as the Industrial Product Design program, which it recently launched. It is equipped with engineering workshops, computer laboratories, and other resources that provide students with both theoretical and practical training, setting them apart from other graduates in and outside the university.

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